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Book Signings & Events

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15 thoughts on “Book Signings & Events

  1. when will it air and what will be the name of the tv series that will be based off your Michael vey books. and will u be making it into movies

  2. I found your book The Four Doors at Kmart in the clearance box, two thinks spark my imagination the title and the price, I don’t have much to spend. I tell everyone there are four sides to every story your side, my side, the side of the unknown and God side, the one that really count. I read your book today and i feel excited about my tomorrow. Thank you so much.

  3. Just finished reading Miles To Go your path reminds me of my son he wants to leave his mark while he is here I tell him all the time Follow your heart do what you want such a caring individual I want him to read this book. Also, The Light Of Christmas is my all time favorite Christmas Story I read it every Christmas & always stop multiple times crying my way through…beautiful

  4. When will The Fall of Hades be out in libraries? I just finished the 5th book and I’m dying to read the 6th one!!! Your books are suspenseful and A -VEYZING!! cheezy joke. You should come to the Canton Library for Michael Vey’s 6th Book Tour:)

  5. Please come back to SC. Have some more of your books that need to be signed since seeing you in Columbia, SC a few years ago.

  6. Mr Evans, I know you probably don’t remember our book group. We are from South Jordan. You came to join us just after the Christmas Box was published and becoming well known. You joined us at Carol Zieglers home. It is my turn for book group on the 23rd of February. I have been feeling very strongly after much prayer that I should see if there is any remote chance that you could join us again.
    I have been reading Timepiece again. I am 77 years old so I have forgotten alot ln it but I am loving it again! If you don’t or can’t join us I understand.
    I have not mentioned this to anyone so don’t feel obligated. I would just like for them to meet you and feel of your sincerity. Your books are so easy to enjoy.

    Thank you for your time, Norma Drew

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